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Publication date: 10/04/2014 10:25

HBO - IT (spec: Software Engineering)

01. Why did you choose to study in the Netherlands?

Because why not?! The Netherlands is a very international country and very convenient for students studying abroad like me, as most people speak English fluently. I myself love traveling, so it is a plus for a country which is centrally located in Europe. Last but not least, it is the Dutch education that attracts me from the beginning, from theory to practice, from individuals to teamwork, everything strongly supports the field I choose to dive into - Software Engineering.

02. Why did you choose || PROGRAMME || ?

I chose HBO-IT mostly based on my strength in programming. There is also a full-covered scholarship especially for technical bachelor and master programmes - Saxion Living Technology scholarship, which was also my goal to achieve when I applied for this program. Never have I thought I would be brave and qualified enough to get the highest scholarship, but I gave it a try and I’m still proud I succeeded!

02. What were you like as a first-year student?

Back then in my country, I was a shy introvert girl who never stood out of my comfort zone. Studying abroad is something that has changed my life completely. As a first-year student, I decided that I had to be more open to adapt to the new environment, so I participated in some student’s associations as well as volunteer works for the school. There I met new people and made a lot of new friends, some are not even in my own study.

03. Which advice would you give to your first-year self now?

Never afraid to speak up. I was born in a country where we passively listened to what others said more than giving our feelings and thinking. However, in the Netherlands, people have right to speak up, especially all Dutch universities value student’s opinions. That is how we develop our critical thinking and look at the problems from different sides.

04. What has been the most rewarding experience you’ve had so far?

Absolutely participating in the honors programme “From Good to Great” of the Academy of Marketing & International Management. Choosing an honors programme outside of IT field, I learned even more than what I expected. What can be more sustainable than combining Technology with Business, together with strong personal skills? We develop our skills step to step from different levels of study, understanding our strengths and weaknesses as well as getting to know the current trends through company visits. The most amazing thing about this program is getting to know how the students from different fields look at and solve problems together, which we can learn from each other gradually.



00. What do you like most about studying at Saxion?

The international study environment. Most of the programs are taught in English and each year, there are numbers of international students applying for Saxion.

00. What’s your favourite place to study?

My classes are always at the G (glass) building, so the most convenient place to study is at our student’s association, Syntaxis place - OTSWO G4, where we can get free coffee and meet other students there xD

00. Can you mention a unique aspect from the programme you’re studying?

If you want to make things work right away, in other words, to see the effort of your work immediately, then Software Engineering is what you have been looking for.

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